Friday, 7 August 2015

20 Signs Your Sister Is Actually Your Best Friend

Yuuu Huuuu,

Nak share sikit, i found this article quite interesting. Tak nak type banyak, korang just enjoy reading all the 20 signs. 

  1. You share many inside jokes - nobody make you laugh as hard as your sister.
  2. She'll always give you the best compliments - she looks like you, she has too.
  3. You both have to suffer through family events together - Bore snore. At least you can complaint together later.
  4. She will LIKE every single Facebook post and Instagram picture - It comes with the job description.
  5. You can do gross or evil things to her and she will forgive you - eventually.
  6. You grew up listening to the same music - and can impromptu harmonize a few lines together no problem.
  7. You never take her insults to heart - because she's your sister, so she clearly doesn't mean it.
  8. She always know what you're about to say - It's like you can read each other's mind.
  9. She will listen to every last details of your problems - because she actually cares. because you're her sister and stuff.
  10. She always has your back - she'll defend you to the end, even if you're wrong.
  11. You can raid each other's closets - double the wardrobe.
  12. You can obnoxiously flower each other with sisterly love - she pretends to hate it, but she totally loves it.
  13. You can lie at home and shove your faces with food together - zero judgement.
  14. She will always call you out when you're lying - she knows that guilty face.
  15. You both get so excited for each other when something good happens - New boyfriend? Job promotion? Let's party!
  16. You have built-in entertainment at all times - she doesn't have a choice.
  17. You guys joke about what the two of you will be like when you grow old - if you were funny when you were kids, imagine how funny you''' be when you wrinkly.
  18. She's your favourite person to mess with - after all these years, its really her fault; she should have seen it coming.
  19. She always there for you when you have a bad day - sometimes she senses it before she even sees you.
  20. She knows your deepest, darker secrets - the ones that nobody else knows.