Saturday, 27 June 2015


  1. Shoppertise - I was looking everywhere for lip scrub before. Siap pergi SASA ye cari benda ni, tapi harga I think so not worth it to spend. I search over the internet as well even in Hahaha!! Jumpa, harga reasonable tapi saya sangat ragu-ragu dgn ingredients yg terkandung dlm produk2 dari kilang ni. Silap haribulan, bibir jadi mcm Angeline Jolie susah pulak. After non-stop searching, finally I found Shoppertise and a hand made lip scrub. Terus pilih flavour, bayar and wait for delivery! Shoppertise bkn jual lip scrub sahaja ye, they do have accessories, electronics, clothing and etc! There are an options to shop with them, either from website or you can just download their apps (android/apple).

Price: RM36 (not inc postage)  Flavour: Caramel
It comes together with the lip balm. It so worth it, isnt it? And it smell so nice and taste so good too. Hahaha!! Seriously I am so satisfied with their service and this product. I definitely will repeat shopping there!

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