Sunday, 15 November 2015

It's all about PARIS ATTACKS!

For this entry, I'm going to fully use my broken English to talk about...PARIS ATTACKS!..
First of all, my condolences goes to all the victims who have died in the attacks last Friday night. It is really sad and extremely devastating. It was something that we never expect or imagined to happen. in this era, we will always be served with full of surprises and please be pleasure with all the unexpected. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Never come across in my mind to talk about all this such thing, but there's something has pulled my interest to open this entry.

Terrorism - MUSLIM
Friday the 13th - COINCIDENCE?
Syrian Passport - THE REFUGEE?

It really has brought to my attention and my concerns as I feels only wise people could think this not a coincidence but more likely a well-planned 'occasion'.
I'm pretty like the incident  date, as it falls on 13-Nov-15 and it's Friday!!! and it's a Friday the 13th!! And because of my curiousness, so I just Google and found something interesting; 

Friday the 13th, also known as Black Friday[citation needed], is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition. It occurs when the 13th day of the month in the Gregorian calendar falls on a Friday. 

Sources from Wikipedia.

Black Friday? Unlucky day? Why this date? Maybe it will be a date that everyone could easily remember as an unforgettable and horrific tragedy in the history of Friday the 13th. So when you think about the date, your mind will automatically rewinds back to the tragedy and your feelings will automatically change to grudge, hatred, anger and etc and the blame straight away goes to Muslim. I feel sorry to all Muslim around the world as were being hate, accused and discriminated by many parties for all the things that Muslim never done. Why the World could easily believe that all these tragedy or terrorism is cause by Muslim? Because you were fed with lies from Media and never exposed to the reality or the truth. I am truly hurts to see all over the internet and articles that people of the world started to believe that it caused by a Muslim and to see to protesters using a word 'EXPEL THE MUSLIMS'.

My pray is always with you. 
I wonder if the rules to become a Terrorist, you must be a moron person. As in many articles said the police has found the Terrorist passport and they believes that the attacker was from one of the Syrian Refugees. What on earth!!! I wonder if it's a last minute planned to do this attack, and is it the passport was intentionally brought during the attack and intentionally wants the world to know who's the person behind the attack. I am soooo curious!

I bet everyone knows the never ending conflicts in Syria right now that forced the Syrian people to leave their own land and had to label themselves as Refugees. And I bet that everyone knows to that many countries has offered and welcome all the refugees to their country including my own country, Malaysia. Based on my logic thinking, this 'occasion' is just to bring more hatred to Islam and Muslim. Also, to stop many countries from accepting the refugees, so that all of them could be killed and die in their own land, die for being innocent. This 'occasion' is just to bring fear, trauma for NO REASON to the world! and to make sure there's no rising in Islam.

We are towards to the end of the world.

  • Lies will be considered truth.
  • There will be murders on the slightest of disagreements.
  • Liars will be thought as honest.

Short, but I think its enough to express my thinking and sorry for my 'awesome' English.
As long what is written here could be understand and reach to you, that's enough. Haahahaha!
Till then!



  1. Sadd, why the world like thiss ha :'(

  2. A good try on sharing something beneficial! thank u and keep it up! :)